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CCM RBZ Junior Skates

The RBZ skate series addresses the need for speed, and was designed to maximize explosiveness and reaction speed. It has a generous anatomical fit profile with a standard heel and a deep heel contour to give you a nice heel lock. Since it does have such a deep heel contour, instead of the typical "1.5 sizes smaller than shoe size" rule of thumb, CCM recommends 2 sizes smaller than shoe size as a starting point when getting fitted for these skates. Of course, personal preference trumps the rules. Fit and performance are further enhanced on the RBZ because in addition to the standard footbed that comes with them, CCM is also including a pair of Custom Support Insoles. They come in three different arch heights to provide full contact to the foot's sole, which in turn stimulates greater reaction in the foot muscles for enhanced speed. To help determine which arch type you are, please refer to our CCM Custom Support Insoles video.
For the quarter of the skate, CCM uses what it calls Action Form™ Composite for the outer shell + Speedcore Technology in the middle. Basically, with the relatively stiff inner layer, it creates a sandwich-like construction that is very receptive to heat molding and provides an excellent combination of lightweight and stiffness. In fact, CCM claims that it is 24% stiffer than the U+ Crazy Light, so you really get a lot of lateral support in these skates. The improved boot cut has been brought in a little and provides a deeper flexion zone and reduced boot fatigue plus the addition of the smooth contour high edge reduces high ankle abrasion. Heel lock from the deep heel counter is further enhanced through the use of high density memory foam. The fact that these react so well to heat molding just adds to the already great amount of customization that this skate offers, which of course is going to further reduce break in time.
The tongue is made of Pro Injected Foam and Felt with Added Lace Bite Protection and you can see that it gives you a good amount of forward flex. The RBZ has the ventilated full lightweight carbon composite outsole which helps reduce weight in a skate and provides excellent rigidity under the boot. This is where you'll find the SpeedBlade + 4.0 holder which is aptly named because of its additional 4.0mm height which provides a significantly deeper angle of attack for tighter turns. You'll also notice what CCM likes to call SpeedRibs near the top of the holder, the structure of which helps increase torsional rigidity. Finally, you'll notice the reflective look of the polished high quality steel that is referred to as the SpeedBlade Hyperglide runner. While the 10 foot radius enhances speed, the quality and hard finish reduces friction for more glide and better edging.
With so many technological advancements that all point to increasing your foot speed, there is a reason that CCM refers to the RBZ skates as Speed to the Extreme. Get Fast!

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