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Bauer Supreme One.8 Hockey Skates - Senior

Packed with Bauer’s most advanced technology, the Supreme One.8 is designed for superior performance.
  • Lightweight design
  • Superior durability
  • Comfort technology
The Bauer Supreme One.8 Senior Skate has some of the most advanced features available in a Bauer Ice Skate.
  • 3D Anaformable tech-mesh quarter package is cut resistant
  • Form-fit footbed is comfortable on feet
  • LS 2.1 Power Stainless Steel Runner allows you to fly

Constructed with a 3D anaformable Curv® composite upper quarter, the entire upper will mold to your ankle.

This design reduces the negative space between your foot and the boot, and as a result pushes you in a better skating position for maximum power in each stride.

The Supreme One.8 features a full-composite outsole that transfers foot movements directly to the ice.

The 2.1 runner is slightly longer and designed to increase speed and energy in the push-off phase.

The longer blade design increases blade to ice contact which lengthens the power of every stride.

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